Julep - 1st box

Sunday, March 2, 2014

With all the free first box coupon out there for Julep, I couldn't resist my self.  Please note that with the 1st box, you do not get their monthly package, instead you get a starter package. which has different colors than the "monthly" box based on your style profile.  They will suggest a style profile by asking a few questions to determine whether you are "it girl", "classic with a twist", "boho glam", "bombshell" or "modern beauty".  I got "classic with a twist" after doing the questionnaire, but decided to get the "it girl" starter box because that was the only box I can get 3 nail polishes instead of 2 nail polishes and something else (makeup or skin care products).

I created an account and left it in the in box, and a few days later I got an email offering me two additional ones for $9.99.  I thought it was a good deal because the free box required $4.99 shipping, and with the two extra nail polish deal for $9.99 it was free shipping, thus for only paying $5 more, I was going to get 2 extra nail polish colors.

The box came very quickly (only 2-3 days).  It arrived in a really neat small black box.

When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to see a bonus usable tote. (small - better for lunches than groceries)

The nail polishes came in two separators.  The three together for the "it girl" collection and the two I selected.

Not bad for a total of $9.99.  Do be careful if you order it though.  From reading other blogs, it seem to suggest that you can skip the monthly whenever you want, but I found out after ordering (and only when I tried to skip a month) that you can only EARN one skip after 6 months.  However they do let you cancel anytime you want.  I cancelled it because I wanted to try the polishes first to see if I like them.  I will provide an update.  If you order, do add it in your bag first, wait a few days and see if JULEP offer you anything additional.

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