Fabletics 50% off + $10 off

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fabletics is a work out clothing monthly subscription co-founded by Kate Hudson.  It charges $49,95 a month and subscribers get to pick one outfit a month.  However, they do have more expensive outfits, and if you pick the more expensive outfits, you will need to pay the additional amount. You can waive any month and not pick an outfit, but you will still be charged the $49,95 that can be used later. 

I have been debating for a long time whether to subscribe or not.  I do yoga, however, I always seem to wear the same few outfits.  Finally, I decided to sign up.  After I did, that is when I realize not all first order are $25, instead only certain ones are.  It just so happened that the one I wanted was going to be $39.98, a 50% off discount from the VIP price.  The first outfit is $25 if you only pick from $49.95 outfits (50% discount).

Because it was more than I thought I would pay, I ended up not ordering. Not to mention I do think their advertising is confusing.   They send me a few emails to inform me that 50% off discount ends in 24 hours -  I ignored it.  Then the next day, realizing I had not placed an order, they sent me a $10 credit.  Thus making the outfit I picked $29.97. That is really cheap for a 3 piece outfit. However, it is still more than the $25 I wanted to pay so I am still on the fence. 

Below is the outfit I was going to pick.  I realize it is a good deal for $29.97, but at this point because I find the advertising confusing plus the total cost is still more than I mentally prepared myself to spend, I have not pulled the trigger.

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