HelloFlo Clue App

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HelloFlo is a time of the month subscription box for $20/month (or cheaper if you prepay for longer), customized based on light, medium or heavy flow.  Then you get to pick if you want tampons, pads or both.  Not all subscribers receive their shipments at the same time, instead, it is timed to arrive at least 5 days prior to your period.

HelloFlo recently released an FREE app, Clue, to help its subscribers track their monthly cycle, fertility, moods and more.  You can download the app at the app store.

The first time you use the app, the app ask you a few questions about yourself to start tracking:

Once you get pass the intro, the home page of the app shows your cycle, when you are most likely to get pregnant and when you are likely to experience PMS:

It can also track your moods and flow: 

On a monthly basis, Clue can remind you when you are about to start your cycle, or if you are trying for a baby, your fertility window, or set reminders for your annual checkup. 

What do you think of the app? I am excited to try it and see what I find out about myself.   I am really glad that they took the trouble to make this app and make it free for its subscribers (or non-subscribers).  With all the different time of the month subscriptions out there, this bonus really makes HelloFlo stand out for me.

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