How corporate American should use the subscription model

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

After the initial subscription craze and getting all the subscriptions to fill my house with too many boxes and things I don't need (yes, I know I can trade), I really think that the key now is in really filling the gap for the stuff that people will actually use.

For example,  Keurig, with a million different flavors of coffee, tea, ice, hot and others - except most people don't know that.  It would be beneficial if they have a subscription to help existing Keurig users discover new flavors and make them never want to switch machines.  These days, for coffee I prefer my Nespresso machines, and I was about to chuck my Keurig machine for good - until one day... I discover their vitamin burst cold drinks (think vitamin water).  I didn't know they had that until I ran into a Keurig truck one day.

Too many people I know will buy the same flavors months after month,  thus a discovery of all that Keurig has to offer is important for customer retention. And yes, I would even pay a small fee for this discovery.

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