Subscriptions boxes for runners

Saturday, December 27, 2014

With all the Holiday eating, it is almost time to get back into shape.  To help us get a head start, here are so subscription boxes for the runner inside you (they do say running help melt pounds away).

1. StrideBox:  a $15 monthly subscription for runners that contains 6-8 performance samples.

This subscription box is okay for me.  While it is nice to get performance related food samples, I do see the samples for free at races that I run, and generally during the same time frame. Thus, for those that do run a lot of races, this may not be the best box for trying "NEW" samples because you will likely get the same ones at races.

2. Runner Box: is a $20/month subscription, +$7 shipping,  of runner tested and runner approved nutritional snacks, personal care products and other running accessories.

3. Dean Karnazes Quarterly Box: a $99/box quarterly subscription with items curated by ultramarathoner and endurance athlete Dean Karnazes.

This is one of my favorite runner's subscription because in addition to samples, it includes items that I generally find that i do need going on my runs.  While I am not a crazy ultramarathon endurance athlete, I still find some of the items useful.   This box also cost more, which is the downside. 

There are some other trial mix subscriptions out there that runners may find useful to have but are not curated specifically for runners. The boxes mentioned above are curated for runners.   Which is your favorite? 

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