POPSUGAR MUST HAVE impressive customer service

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

While I was annoyed with my yet again missing item in my POPSUGAR MUSTHAVE subscription (I have two subscriptions to POPSUGAR this month - one was missing the description card - not a big deal, the other one was missing the Manduka hand towel).  I looked up POPSUGAR's policy for missing items.  On their website it states:

So if you are missing an item, it is smart to get to them immediately!  And you better not be on vacation or away for a period of time where you cannot check your box...because you may be $&*^ out of luck.

I emailed them via their CONTACT US page, and immediately I received an email confirmation stating that my inquiry is in process.  Then to my surprise, less than 10 minutes later, I receives an email saying my inquiry is resolved and the missing items are on their way. IMPRESSIVE! This does make me a POPSUGAR FAN!  See the email chain below - mostly for the speed of the response:

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