POPSUGAR MUST HAVE January 2015 Review

Thursday, January 15, 2015

POPSUGAR MUSTHAVE is $39.99/month subscription (shipping included) if lifestyle products for women, and one my my favorite.

One of the most amazing thing about the POPSUGAR box is that every month I open it, all the products are always perfectly fit into their box - do they pick products based on fit as well? Sometimes I feel like that is how it works for them when they get a few hundred products to pick from. 

This month, I am missing the explanation cards. Oh well - the least important part of the box. 

I am very excited for eQua hand towel because I do hot yoga, and I was wanting to buy one.  Value $16. 

Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty, value $20.   This cream appear to be all the rage these days, so I am excited to try it. 

Ice Water Eyes by ToGoSpa eye mask 3 pack.  I love all eye masks, and will try these ones. Value $12.50. 

Keep Cup, value $30.  This is one of my favorite items in the box, and I started using it immediately.  It is good for the environment, and apparently the first barista approved to go cup.

Jack + Lucy beanie.  This is my least favorite item in the box. I think last January the box came with Jack + Lucy gloves, maybe i can put to together as a set and give it to someone as a gift. I can't find this online, so I cannot determine the value of this item. 

Empire, the fox show, themed Skin Jewel tattoos, valued $30.

Nature Valley Protein Granola, value $3.68.

This is one of my favorite boxes so far. I love most of the items, and the value of the approximately $132, I would say it is pretty good. 

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