The most expensive $5000 Tim Ferriss Box revealed!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ever since I first heard about the $5000 Tim Ferriss Mega Holiday box, I have been obsessed with finding out what is in the box.  Finally - with more than just pictures of the box (what most people included in their social media), TotalStart, a lifestyle business and passive income blog, listed all the items in the box.

Below are the items and description from TotalStart:

The BlueFish Luxury Concierge Membership – I had never heard of BlueFish before but apparently its a luxury concierge service.  Looks pretty cool, will definitely post up a review when I’ve had a chance to try it out.  I’m guessing it’s a little like the Amex concierge service on steroids.
Boosted Electric Skateboard –  This puppy is a pretty bad ass electric skateboard that’s supposed to run about 20mph.  I haven’t had a chance to
crack my head open ride it yet, but it looks sick.  Should be fun cruising along the sidewalk by the beach with it, I’m sure it’ll turn some heads.
SousVide Supreme Water Oven – This water oven is pretty slick, where you basically vacuum seal the food and then cook it using the water oven.  It came with a cookbook and vacuum sealer machine as well.  Haven’t had a chance to try it, but the reviews online for it are pretty impressive.
Marc Pro Plus Electrical Muscle Stimulation – This is a high end muscle stimulation device for aiding in recovery time from workouts and help improve or facilitate muscle performance.
IntelaMetrix Bodymetrix Personal Ultrasound - This personal ultrasound system is really slick.   It gives you a super detailed look at your fat and muscle layers.  It plugs right into your USB slot on your PC. Slop a little of included goop on your body, then scan away and see the results on your computer.   I was pretty blown away with the results, definitely will be fun to keep checking progress and tracking it with this.
Signed Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck - This is awesome, definitely going up on the wall of the office!  I’m glad I watched the little explanation video Tim sent over with everything.   I was about to give this to a buddy to throw wheels on it, before I saw it was signed by the man Tony Hawk himself.
Ralph Steadman Signed Print - Another awesome gift is this signed print by Ralph Steadman who is the “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” artist.   This one is going up on the wall also, very cool print.  If you’ve never seen Fear & Loathing, go check it out, it’s a classic.
$250 Voucher For DonorsChoose - I had heard of this site before but never really looked around.   If you’ve never been there before, go check it out.  It’s a really cool site where you can donate to teachers who need extra cash for projects for their students.   We had some fun looking through and picking out some things to donate too.
Tumi Leather Passport Holder - Nice little passport holder, always wanted one of these but never could drop the cash on one, so that was a nice surprise.
Trusco Metal Toolbox - At first I wasn’t sure what to make about this, but ended up really liking it.   I was able to clean up my junk drawer and load this sucker up with all my small screwdrivers and miscellaneous house tools.  The thing look so nice I was able to put it up on the bookcase in plain sight, so it was a win win.  This thing is solid Japanese construction and something that will be around for a long time.
ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket & 2 Pairs Of Underwear - If you’re a Tim Ferriss fan I’m sure you’ve heard of ExOfficio so I was pretty stoked for this to be in there.  To be fair it was just a certificate that I used to order it, so I jumped online and grabbed my jacket and drawers right away.  Once I get to try it out a bit, will throw up a review on here in the future.
Chef Knife & Other Knife - I don’t know the names off hand, but I know these are two bad ass knives.  After using the same Target Knife set for probably the last 10 years I hadn’t thought much of my knives at home.  I think I was just used to the dull cutting, because after using this thing I felt like a samurai slicing through everything with ease.   It actually made cooking a lot more fun recently.  I’ll try to update this later when I get the knife name.
Air Purifier - This is a huge air purifier again I don’t have the name or model handy, but it’s a beast.   It’s super quiet and really nice.  I’ve been meaning to get one of these for awhile so it ended up being another good surprise.
Evernote 1 Year Subscription  - This is another thing you’ve most likely heard of before, it’s a 1 year prepaid subscription to Evernote.  I’ve been meaning to give this a shot for a long time, so will be fun finally getting to see what it’s all about.
Cast Iron Andrew Zimmern Wok - This thing is a beast and immediately sent my current wok to a box destined for Goodwill.    It’s the best of both worlds and works really well, it’s my new go to pan for the kitchen.
Kelly Kettle And Accessories - This kettle will be coming into use here in the next few weeks with a camping trip.   I’ve never heard of this thing, but Tim says he swear by it out in the woods, so will definitely be giving it a shot.
AO Biome Complete Kit - This is something I’ve never heard of before, basically its a probiotic for your skin.   I haven’t had a chance to use it much, but it looks like a pretty serious kit that includes shampoo, soap, and a bunch of daily spray bottles.
2 Sonos Speakers - These things are ridiculous, basically you can control what plays on them right from your phone.  Different speakers can play different streams from online.  I had heard of these before, but playing around with them I’m hooked.  Really cool stuff here.
Expandable Travel Backpack – I wish I could remember the name of this thing off hand but I can’t, will have to update it later.  But anyways, this thing is pretty sick, it has all sorts of options and features which allow you to expand it out and haul around a ton of stuff.  I’ve always used my Porter 65 bag, but it can be a bit big sometimes for shorter trips, this thing looks really good for those.
Hand Signed Holiday Card – A little hand signed card by Tim.
1 Hour QA Session With Tim - This is an upcoming little session with the Mystery Box Buyers.
Watch one subscriber unboxing this most expensive subscription:

and the box is so big, it is broken up into 2 videos!

What do you think of the box? I am torn myself - some of the stuff are really cool and I loved, especially the signed Tony Hawk skateboard. (I wish I can find a picture, if I do later, I will update the post).

So far, I also noticed the people that did buy the box (from my google search in social media) are generally in the entrepreneur or startup (well funded ones) types. It does go to show that the market has a nitch for this kind of boxes. So would I spend $5000 for a special mega mystery box from Louboutin? or Chanel?  especially knowing that there will be one of a kind items only to the subscribers? probably YES!

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