Quarterly will now charge for shipping

Friday, February 27, 2015

All Quarterly subscriptions use to come with free shipping. Starting March 1, subscriptions at $50 will be charged $5 shipping in the US, and boxes $75+ will be charged $8 shipping.   However, all orders before March 1 will be given a one time shipping credit of $5 for the next subscription.

I am very disappointed to hear this - they need to grandfather in all subscriptions before March 1st versus the one time credit.  Now after I receive all my next subscriptions from Quarterly, I will probably cancel them.  They don't have anything that I find as a must have - all nice to have (if the price is right).  Plus with the extra $5 AND all the other excellent curators out there, I am not sure the $55, $73 or $108 will be worth the price.   Whereas, if they grandfather in my old subscription, I will feel like I shouldn't cancel them.  I truly believe this is a bad business decision on their part.

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