OrangeGlad April Box Review

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Box: OrangeGlad

Cost: $21/month, includes shipping

What is it: a monthly discovery of 5 treats from around the country and Canada

Best for: everyone that wants a little dessert a few times a month.

How the box arrives! Cute box...and the back of the box is even better...

I love how they give you something fun right off the box - Life is sweet when "surrounded by chocolate"

Additional details on the side of the box to remind subscribers these items are perishable. I really do love it when subscriptions pay attention to details from the box to the items within - it really helps with the experience of the entire box.

First look upon opening the box.

Detailed pamphlets on the treats included in the box.  I love the map and how it gives you a nice quick glance of where all the treats come from. 

The back of the detail pamphlet - another cute attention to detail!

First look at the treats!  I love how there is a box inside the box - hey, who doesn't love opening multiple presents?  Now - what is inside the "sweet box"?

Three addition deliciousness! Yum! Lets look at each individual treats!

Yum - I haven't tried all of them yet, but can't wait to try it!

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