Dave Asprey Quarterly 2nd Spoiler

Monday, May 25, 2015

BoxDave Asprey Quarterly

What is it: Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, a site dedicated on reaching higher performance, hand picked items.

Cost: $100/quarter

Best for: any Dave Asprey fan or anyone trying to live a healthy live.

The spoiler for his next box will include:

A six (6) months supply for The Dirt toothpaste. (Value $30).

Here is the description for the product:

The original and best spiced trace mineral tooth brushing powder! Did you know the glycerin in modern toothpaste can coat your teeth and prevent the natural process of re-mineralization that keeps your teeth strong and white? The Dirt is made to support your natural re-mineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves. It has a sweet spiced orange flavor that will leave your mouth feeling clean and spicy! Buy toothpowder today, thank yourself tomorrow. 

A video on the product and people who tried it:

I do want to try this product. I think this is a good spoiler - this maybe what makes me purchase the next box.

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