Hatchery Box Subscription for 32% off

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hatchery, is now on Living Social for up to 32% off.

Box: Hatchery

What is it: locally sourced artisan ingredients and recipes

Price: $25/month

Best for: anyone who still reminisces about that great bottle of olive oil or spread you once randomly discovered on a road trip.

The current deal on Living Social include:

  • $25 $19.99 for a one month subscription = 20% off
  • $75 $59.99 for a three month subscription = 20% off
  • $150 $119.99 for a six-month subscription = 20% off

The prices are regularly only 20% off, however, with Living Social's new promotion, when you go on the site, Living Social will promote you a "buy now" get it for cheaper option.  When I did it, they offered it to me for $17 instead of $19.99, bring it down to 32% off.

If you were already on there, and went back, the limited time lower price option probably won't show up.  Try clearing your cookies and browsing history and go back to allow this cheaper option to come up again.

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