May Besoke Post Box Review

Friday, May 29, 2015


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstroms.

There were three different boxes to pick from in May, and I picked the "Shine" box.  

 First look upon opening the box.

This time it had a shine sticker - I am not sure what to do with the sticker.  It is a big square, kind of in the size for a coaster.

The description of the items.

This month it was interesting to see how Bespoke Post included a section in different types of fabric, and what fabric to wear to help keep cool in warm weather.

Sample description:

"POPLIN: Thin vertical yarns are plainly woven with thicker horizontal yarns, usually in a lightweight cotton.  Shirts made out of the fabric are especially lightweight and feel cool and crisp in warm weather. It breaths well and, unlike linen, is wrinkle-resistant, so it's a good choice if you're regularly suiting up in the summer and want to stay formal."

Initial look at the products.

The main item in the box. Dharma Sunglasses. Value $99.  There were three options for sunglasses to pick from, and I picked what looks like the Dharma Police. 

Line of Trade sunglasses case.  Value $40. The value is from a similar case listed on Bespoke.  Can't find the exact one for this one. 

This looks like nice leather.  I am wondering how well it will stay closed because it is a string wrap closure. 

And will it add bulk? How will a guy ever put this in his pocket? Maybe this is not something they need to worry about because most of them won't put it in their pocket.

Here is another look with the sunglasses in the case.   It is a nice case that is for sure different than regular ones you see in the market.

The  Declan pocket square that is designed to be sun glasses and phone screen clothes.  Value $30? I think this is smaller than the ones they have on sale on their site as this was exclusively created for Bespoke Post. 

The square is double sided.

Crossed design on the other side.

Here is kind of what it would look like in a pocket.

The other way of folding the pocket square.

What do you think of this box?

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