Popsugar Must Have April Review

Friday, May 1, 2015

This post is late, but hey, better late than never! So here it is:

BoxPopsugar Must Have

Price: $39.95/month

What is it: a female lifestyle monthly subscription box curated by Lisa Sugar, founder of a lifestyle blog Popsugar that features celebrity news, shopping, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, children, home and pets.

Best for: females ages 18-40.

Initial look at opening the box

The booklet describing the items in the April box

I always loved this detail - what inspired them this month to pick the products for the box

First item: Flip & Tymble 24-7 Bag for shopping at the farmer's market - or any shopping trip.  Value $12

What it looks like upon unfolding the bag.  Yes it is super wrinkled! Too bad they didn't do a wrinkle free version. 

Not sure if you can see, but the outer holder of the bag now folds to be the small inner pocket of the bag when in use. I think this is a nice detail

An additional cute detail for the bag - a little padding on the strap to keep those shoulders from hurting. 

And a 20% off coupon code to order additional bags.  I think this bag really is rather perfect for the farmers market.  I will use it, and it is more convenient that my other grocery bags because I can always tuck this one in my purse. 

The Produce candle in Rhubarb - Value $20.  This is a very sweet smelling candle, and I had to include how the packaging came because for some reason I was very amused by this bubble wrap.  Popsugar did a good job here to make sure the glass bottle was protected.

Inside the massive bubble wrap = the candle + 35% off additional orders. 

This candle is interested because instead of a completely sealed top, like many others, this has a small breathing holes on the top.  This allows the fragrance to fill the room nicely even when it is not lit.  I liked how this is different and it makes the packing more memorable.

The Dabney Lee Dottie Umbrella - Value $20.  The pink and blue poke dots work well together.  However I now live in CA - the land of no rain - I suppose I can use this as a sun umbrella instead. 

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum. Value $39.  I already traded this item, I review the swap in a future post.

Potting Shed Creation Garden in a Bag Basil.  Value $10.  I believe you literally open the seed packet inside and add water, and grow the Basil in there.  I wish this was another herb. I am not as big as a basil fan.  Though basil is good to make a summer watermelon goat cheese salad.

$25 Gift Card from Mott 50.  This item was listed as the "special extra" for this month. I went on the motto50.com site and found out that they don't have anything close to around $25.  The closest item is a cap for $38.  I hate cards like this, because if they had given me something to buy for $25, they would at least have me on their email list.  When they send me enough enticing emails,  I eventually go back and buy something. I am putting this in the trade pile - for free - as in if you request it from me, I will just give it to you. 

The total value this month was $126, but I can't really count the $25 gift card, brining the value down for me to $101.  Not one of my favorite boxes.   I actually canceled Popsugar this month because I am not too excited about their last box either, however, I guess I didn't cancel in time, and had to receive this box.  And with my luck - their next box is probably the really good one. 

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