Barkbox on Sale on Groupon + Free Birthday Present

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Barkbox is on sale on Groupon for up to 28% off. The current offer on Groupon are:

  • $29 $20.99 for a 1 month subscription
  • $72 $55.99 for a 3 months subscription, or $18.66/box
  • $126 104.99 for a 6 months subscription, or $17.50/box

Box: BarkBox

What is it: a pet subscription box customized on the size of the pooch

Price: $29/month includes shipping in the US, $5 shipping to Canada.

Best for: dog lovers that loves to spoil their babies

Plus, don't forget to enter your furry one's birthday.  On his/her birthday, BarkBox will send a special present.

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