Square Hue - The Decades Collection: 1950 | JUNE 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Square Hue continues to take us through the 1900 decades this year with the 1950's collection in June 2015. 

Out of three colors, the Bel Air blue is my favorite, and the only color I would really use.  I would also use the Palm Springs green here and there, however, I don't like getting pink nail polishes in my subscriptions because I find them boring.  It is so easy to locate all the shades of pink that anything pink in nail polish does not excite me.

Square Hue will ship the 1960's collection in July. The last day to sign up is June 30, 2015. I wonder which direction they will go. To me the 1960's = orange or yellow and a VW bus.

Will you pick up the 1960's set?

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