Trunk Club July Review

Friday, June 26, 2015

BoxTrunk Club

Price: Free, only pay for what you keep. You get 10 days to try on the cloth and decide. 

What is it: a personalized clothing service for men that mails designer clothing after a consultation with their stylist every month, currently run by Nordstrom.

Best for: The busy and fashionably forward gentleman

The trunk club subscription we have ships every two months. 

Nice sticker on the outside of the box, looks like this box is packed in Dallas Texas - and "Don't Mess with Texas." I really enjoy it when subscription boxes take pride in their boxes. I know a lot of people just throw away the boxes, but for me, since it is like a present every month and nice "wrapping" just makes it that much more special. 

The box arrives in an actual suitcase looking cardboard box.  This is a really sturdy box that you also ship back the items you do not want in it.  Sometimes I wonder if Trunk Club reuses some of these boxes in the future. It would be good if they did. 

First look when opening the box.  As you can see two pairs of shoes and lots of different pieces of clothing.

It comes with a description of how much each item cost in the box if you keep them, but we were too excited and opened a pair of shoes immediately instead of going for the info. This is the Treton Otto Chambray in blue, $75 to keep.  By this time, I also noticed most of the items in this box were grey or blue toned.  Anyways, this was a keeper, a perfect casual summer walking shoes.

Finally found the note with the prices and the items listed.  Trunk Club also includes sealing tape to seal the box for return shipping and a return shipping label here.

The personalized note of why the stylist picked the items in the box.

And the price sheet of how much it is to keep everything.  This Trunk, unlike some female versions, does not provide i.e 10% or 20% discount if you keep everything shipped.

The second pair of shoes = To Boot Benton Wintip, $398 to keep.  This is a really nice pair of shoes, however, at basically $400, it is expensive.  This also looks like a pair they sent last month in different color.  Base on the price along (yes, we really wanted this pair), this went to the "depends on how much other stuff we want to keep" pile to see if we can afford it.

My favorite part of the shoe is the bottom where there is the city of New York.  Too bad you can't see if while wearing it.  High-end designers love to hide secrets for its most loyal customers.

The shoes nice...but oh would be so much better if it goes on sale...

Now to the stack of clothing

This is the Eton Slim Fit Diamond Dot Dress Shirt, $275 to keep. I thought it was really expensive, but the man of the house decided this was such a nice shirt he must have it.  He said this one is special because it has a spread collar.  I am wondering if I should tell him I found a similar one on Saks for $10 cheaper...hmmm....He is probably going to tell me it is NOT the same.

This one is a I don't remember which one it is and we didn't keep it...

This is the Culturata Floral shirt, $198 to keep.  When I first saw this shirt, I wondered if he would look good in this pattern, and if he did, I thought it would be really fun.  Plus, finally a shirt that does not look like all his other shirts BUT he vetoed against this and said this is not a shirt he would wear to work. Yawn.

The Ben Sherman Mod Fit stripe shirt, $90 to keep.  The orange stripe on this shirt made it interesting.  However, this shirt has short sleeves, and the sleeves are too tight.  

A shirt that looks like all the other shirts they keep sending him - I said no immediately but, the man said "I look good in this shirt"  - In the "will keep if not buying anything else pile"

Here he is in the shirt, I seriously can't tell this shirt apart from the one he wore to work earlier in the day.

Eton DST 5th Edition Slim Fit Shirt, $275 to keep.  This one is going back.

Culturata Dress Shirt, $198 to keep.  He wants this one because this is different in color than most of his other shirts.

He told me this is the shirt he was most excited to try on when he saw the preview of what the box will include - the Penguin Polo, $69 to keep.  Too bad it didn't fit.

Theory Polo, $95 to keep.  This material is so soft and comfortable to feel.  It seem this would be really breathable on those hot summer nights.  This is a keeper.

Two pairs of shorts - one is $78 to keep, the other is $95.  They look very similar in fit, so it is basically down to the color, and the dude picks the more expensive one.

The two Blazers, this is the first one, $598 to keep - without unfolding it, I can't even tell it is a men's blazer.  This dude has a hard time fitting blazers Trunk Club send, and similarly, this one didn't fit either.

This is also $598 to keep.  I liked the color of this blazer or sports coat, but also didn't fit.

This one is clever, they pulled up the pocket, making it look like a pocket square.

At the end of the day, the man kept 3 shirts, ones shorts and one pair of shoes for a total of $700. Good thing he never goes shopping and only gets this once every 2 months. 

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