Subscription swap - July 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

All of us subscription junkies know that there are hardly a perfect box where we love everything in the box.  This is when the ability to trade comes in Handy, and probably the reason why I keep subscribing - because eventually, all the items will turn into something I love or I can use.  I wrote on how to trade in a previous post - go here for details.

In my recent trade, I was extremely impressed with the lady I traded with.  She had her trades in the area of swap on MySubscriptionAddiciton, and then she informed me of the boxes she has coming her way in addition to items she already listed.  She requested the following items:

Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll, value $45 (from Popsugar); and

Pop Char Lab A PLOTTING OF FICTION GENERES, value $29 (from Book Riot Quarterly)
For a total value of $74.  I traded for 4 following items, and this was the unwrapping experience: 

The initial look upon opening the box.  To be honest, a lot of times when I do trade, I forget what I traded for. This is because there is generally a week from the time I pick the items to receiving the items.  I like it because it makes it more fun when I do receive the swap. 

First item on top of the box - Buttering Board by Ferm Living, value $21 (from Burke Box).

As described on the back of this butting board, this can be a "perfect plate for a quick snack - for breakfast or lunch.  You can even use the boards as coasters for hot pots and pans and they are dishwasher safe."

In addition, I like how these boards are "made from individually sheets of Scandinavian birch wood from renewable forest and only the finest raw materials are used." Now if I can only trade for more of them. 

The second item, Keep Cup - the Original Reusable Coffee Cup, value $17 (from Causebox). 

I had a small one of these cups before from Popsugar, 12oz versus the 16oz here.  So I was excited to get another one especially in a different color and different size.

While I do love sipping coffee from a Starbucks paper cup (especially during the holidays when they have the red cups), but caring about the environment is important.  In addition, most coffee shops will give you $0.10 off when you bring in your own cup. 

Third item - "You're cute as a button" card from Happy Mail. It is hard to put an exact value on these cards because you get about 9 of them plus stickers and other items a month for $15-$20 depending on the length of the subscription.  If it is $20, I would say the value of this card is about $2.

A perfect card for me to send to my friend.  Cards are one of those things - I hate buying them because they are "expensive" and most people will throw them away, yet so important. 

Fourth item I request = La Fresh Travel-Lite facial Cleansing Wipes from Bag and Wonder (this is a new subscription box).  Value of this is $1-$4 depending on the size of package your buy.  $6 for a 3 pack or $20 for 48 pack.

The bonus item my swap buddy included in my swap.  So sweet and cute - I love the strawberry keychain and the thank you note. 

Total value of the items I traded = $74 + $13 (shipping - rounded up). Value of the items received = $45 (rounded up). While it seems like I lost out, I thought it was a great trade because I traded two items that would have sat and collected dust in my house for items I can use immediately.  This is one of the best things about trading, the value people put on each item versus the retail value can really allow for some great trades. 

What are your trading experiences like?

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