POPSUGAR Event Experience

Monday, August 31, 2015

BoxPopsugar Must Have

Price: $39.95/month

What is it: a female lifestyle monthly subscription box curated by Lisa Sugar, founder of a lifestyle blog Popsugar that features celebrity news, shopping, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, children, home and pets.

Best for: females ages 18-40.

This past weekend, POPSUGAR, POPSUGAR FITNESS, Athleta and Barry's Boot Camp put on an amazing sweat session through POPSUGAR FITNESS' Studio Series.  The workout changes, and this month, it was at Barry's Boot Camp, a 60 minutes high intensity interval sweat mesh.  Your work out is broken down into 4 sessions - 2 cardio and 2 weights.  At this workout, your trainer tells you exactly how and when to push yourself.  This workout is so hard that a friend of mine went once and refuses to go again. Normally to take one class it is $24. 

I started receiving invites to POPSUGAR sponsored events  after I subscribed to my POPSUGAR MUST HAVE box, and POPSUGAR sure knows how to do a live event! (This is not a special blogger invite - I know I hate reading about all these fabulous experiences where no regular person can attend - this is not one of those, just watch out for your email and RSVP.)

Upon arrival, I checked in, signed a waiver (I was told the waiver will also be used for the drawing of 2 POPSUGAR MUST HAVE Boxes at the end), and then was immediately greeted with a POPSUGAR & ATHLETA water bottle, towel and a $25 gift card from Athleta. 

Then the workout begins - I would show you pictures of the work out, but I was too busy working out, sweating and keeping up to take pictures. I should have used the picture taking excuse to take breaks - next time.   After the workout, POPSUGAR, and L.A. JUICE hooked us up with delicious date balls, popcorn, cabbage & peach salad, skewered chicken and a choice of 4 juices.

I personally tried the Berry Banana Protein (value $10) but I heard from other that the Watermelon Mint was to die for.  The Berry Banana Protein is composed of almond mylk, strawberry, blueberry, banana and SunWarrior protein.  It is a "high protein, potassium and powerful antioxidant," and most important of all - it was delicious! If you live in the LA area, I highly recommend you try it. 

The treats were enjoyed in the outdoor space right outside Barry's Boot Camp West Hollywood.  This was also where they raffled off 2 POPSUGAR MUST HAVE boxes and an Athleta gift card.  I didn't win, but hey, I can't complain.

And finally - got to love the goodies! I can't wait to use my Athleta gift card on the new Derek Lam collaboration that is coming out September 9th.  This was one of the best unexpected benefits from the POPSUGAR subscription - $24 Barry's Boot Camp Class, $10 LA Juice protein shake, $25 Athleta gift card, $10 (a guess) for the POPSUGAR + Athleta branded water bottle & towel, $10 (another guess) other food and snacks, for a total value of $79. 

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