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Monday, August 10, 2015

BoxDave Asprey Quarterly

What is it: Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, a site dedicated on reaching higher performance, hand picked items.

Cost: $100/quarter

Best for: any Dave Asprey fan or anyone trying to live a healthy live.

The spoiler for his next box will include:

In other countries, Charcoal has been recognized for many years to have beneficial properties, and I have been using it in my toothpaste for a few years.  I would by these charcoal based toothpaste when I travel overseas.  Thus, I am excited that Dave Asprey is introducing charcoal in the US, and how to use it. 

In conjunction with this next box, he also put out a blog on "Top 10 Charcoal Hacks from Dave Asprey."  

1. To Brush Your Teeth: Activated charcoal’s natural binding properties help it strip away common surface-staining culprits like plaque, wine, coffee and tea for whiter teeth in just a few minutes of scrubbing (Caution: Even though it can brighten your smile, charcoal can also make a mess. To avoid looking like you just worked a shift in a coal mine, open a capsule carefully over the sink and apply a small amount to your toothbrush).
2. To Beat Jet Lag and Sleep Better: Research shows that traveling across time zones can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria living in your gut – and these jet-lagged microbes can throw off your sleep cycle. By soaking up any toxins in your digestive tract, activated charcoal can help keep your gut bacteria happy and give you a more restful night’s sleep.
3. To Hack Your Hangover: Activated charcoal doesn’t bind very well to alcohol, and studies have shown a minimal impact on blood alcohol content. However, charcoal can help your body get rid of the mold toxins and other hangover-causing additives hiding in beer and other alcoholic drinks.
4. To Help Relieve Indigestion, Gas or Bloating: Taken after a meal, activated charcoal binds to gas and other byproducts of digestion – helping to relieve pressure after a big meal without loosening your belt.
5. To Banish Bad Breath or Body Odor: Bad breath and body odors are often caused by toxins working their way out of the body. And the tiny pores lining the surface of each granule of activated charcoal help it trap up to 100 times its own weight in toxins – before they can escape through your skin.
6. To Keep Bad Coffee From Spoiling Your Day: A capsule of activated charcoal won’t undo 100% of the damage from a moldy cup of coffee… But it will help your body bind and eliminate some of the worst toxins – which could make the difference between clear-headed energy and performance-robbing brain fog.
7. To Stay Bulletproof When You Eat Out: Chasing a suspect restaurant meal with a capsule or two of Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal is a great way to head off an unpleasant “food coma” and stay alert, even when you can’t find any Bulletproof-friendly dishes on the menu. It’s the reason why my family and I take along activated charcoal anytime we go to a restaurant.
8. To Help Maintain Healthy Arteries: One study showed that a daily dose of activated charcoal may help keep artery and blood vessel walls healthy and free of abnormal hardening (sclerosis). Other studies have shown that charcoal may even help your body maintain cholesterol, blood lipids and triglycerides within appropriate ranges.
9. To Keep In Your First Aid Kit for Poison Emergencies: Hospitals rely on activated charcoal as a quick remedy for counteracting heavy metals like lead and mercury… chemicals like bleach, fertilizer and detergent… and even poisons like cyanide. And because every second counts, keeping activated charcoal in your first-aid kit or medicine cabinet could even be a life-saver. 
10. To Live Forever (Well, Maybe Just a Little Longer): In one anti-aging study, activated charcoal increased the lifespan of test animals by an impressive 34%… And by shielding your brain and your organs from toxins at the cellular level, a daily dose just might help you slow down the effects of aging. You probably won’t live forever… but there’s only one way to find out for sure.
To read the full article from Quarterly click here.   
Are you going to give charcoal a try? 

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