Barkbox - Toy Review

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Box: BarkBox

What is it: a pet subscription box customized on the size of the pooch

Price: $29/month includes shipping in the US, $5 shipping to Canada.

Best for: dog lovers that loves to spoil their babies.

I was surprised when I first opened this Barkbox because instead of the 5 items I am use to per box, there were only 3 items in this box.  Then I took a closer look at the flower toy - and boy was I impressed, plus this was like 4 toys in one.

The details on this toy is insane.  This is a flower bouquet wrapped in newspaper.

They use a velcro system to wrap and unwrap the newspaper

The barkpost unwrapped.  You can actually read the stories on there.

Now on to the flowers.  There are 4 stems in each bouquet in 4 different colors.  The squeaker toy inside the flowers are also different.  Two of them has the wrinkle paper noise and two loud squeakers. 

A look from the other angle.

And a closer look at the the roses.   I love this toy so much I don't want to give it to my dog.  Right now it is sitting on a shelve - should I give it to my dog? I just want to keep it for myself.  

If you missed this barkbox, you can purchase the flower bouquet on the barkshop website.  Use this link here

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