Box of Style damaged item replacement customer service

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Price: $100 - shipped every quarter. 

What is it: curated fashion items by Rachel Zoe that promises a retail value of $300. 

Best for: stylish ladies, especially those that love Rachel Zoe's fashion sense. 
I contacted Box of Style's customer service because upon receiving my Fall 2015 box, the TOPSHOP fedora came in two pieces as pictured above.  (To see all the items in the box, please go to my Fall 2015 review of the box).

I actually though I can just glue it back on - so I took out the glue gun - and nope, it didn't stick.  Maybe I needed super glue.  At that point I was annoyed enough to write Box of Style and ask for a new one instead.  

Thus on September 28th, I wrote them: 

Thank you for shipping me a new box, and I finally received it. However, upon opening the fedora was in two pieces. Please see included picture. I tried to glue it back on, but it won't work. Can you mail me a new fedora?
Thank you.
They responded very quickly, an hour later, I received an email from them saying: 

I was very impressed with this response time.  And the next day, Sept 29th, I received an confirmation of the shipment.  Very excited about this! They totally have their A game on now. 

Update - I received my new fedora shortly - see the update here for condition and how it arrived

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