E-Book Subscription Oyster will shut down

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Box: Oyster

What is it: e-book subscription

Cost: $10/month

Best for: any book lover.

Here is to another subscription closing its doors - this one though, instead of going out of business, was acquired by Google.  Seems like Google acquired them to hire the three co-founders.  It is announced on Oyster's blog that the service will sunset and current subscribers will be contacted.   It is unclear when Oyster will completely shut its doors and how long the existing service will continue.

Those of us who got use to Lumin, the function that adjusted screen color based on the time of the day, will now need to resort back the default night vision in our phones.   Lets see Lumin in action one last time.

This is making me really sad - how will my eyes adjust without Lumin?

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