Happy Mail October 2015 Review

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Box: Happy Mail

Cost: $20/month goes down to $15/month with a 12 month commitment

What is it: Monthly subscription of cards, postcards, notepads and other old fashion snail related items with a retail value of around $50.

Best for: Anyone with lots of friends with no time to find that last minute birthday, thank you and anything card.  This will make you look like you put a lot of thoughts into your cards!

Happy Mail is always a fun and exciting subscription for me because this is one of the few that I get to share with friends.  After receiving Happy Mail, I snail mail that the number of friends equal to the number of cards it contains each month.  Lets take a look at the items this month.

The first two items that came out of the package this month were the two small tapes.  These are the cutest things I've ever seen.  They are my two favorite items. I hope they will have these more often.

The poster for this month.  I don't generally like these too much, but they are cute.

The note pad this month.  There is generally a note pad of some sort every month that I never care for.  This month is the "Hello My Name is" pad.  Cute, but still not my thing.

Now on to the cards and the reason why I subscribe to Happy Mail.  The birthday card is always useful to have around.  I am mailing the "You Nailed It" card to my friend who just graduated from his master's degree - how perfect!

Mailing this one to one of my oldest childhood friends that I haven't seen in about 15+ years.

Happy Mail also always include one postcard every month.

You make life sweet inside the lollipop card is very cute.  Giving this to one of my "run around town" friends. What would I do without them - I would have to run around by myself? How would that be fun?

Very cute "sorry" card.  I am happy to say that I don't need to mail this to anyone this month.

Super cute wink card.  I need a special pen though to write on the black envelope this coms with, otherwise the address won't show up on the envelope.

I love this one - this is the only one with words on both sides.

Finally - the special envelope this month.  Every month they also have one card with a more decorative envelope.  This is very cute and perfect for me to give to a friend that I was also going to give some sample lipsticks to.

My friend and I were in a store trying on different lip colors and she debated on this one color that she normally wouldn't pick out but looked great on her when the sales lady recommended it and put it on her.  She has been thinking about the color since (the worse part is, we didn't write down the color!).  Luckily, this year's Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Present has a color that looked similar - not to mention I need to write her a thank you card for a recent present.  How perfect!!!

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