Quarterly Boxes on Sale for 50% off

Friday, October 2, 2015

Box: Selected Best of Quarterly Boxes

Price: $25-$50 down from ($50 - $100)

Best for: anyone who saw a box they loved and missed - now is your chance to grab it for 50% off.

I have a love and hate relationship when these boxes go on sale - I understand why they would put them on sale if they have overflow of boxes that they didn't sell - BUT - if I paid full price for it, it is upsetting.

 I was surprised to see 2 Nina Garcia's boxes on sale for $50, down from $100 - a significant savings.  I remember when she first came out with boxes, they sold out immediately.

My favorite box on sale is the Work & Play box from Lewis Hilsenteger, on sale for $50 from $100. The box has a money clip, a wallet and a Quadcopter from Hybrid Project.  Hybrid Project kind of looks like Quirky, who filed bankruptcy recently.   Quirky was a company that help people bring their ideas to life and sell it, while the inventor collects a licensee fee.  Regardless, I do think the Quadcopter would have been fun to play with.

Alternatively, Kevin Rose included a Nano Drone from Morrison Innovations and his box is also on sale for $50.  Kevin Rose's box is the first picture of this article.  The Nano Drone is tiny though, currently the world's smallest...will all come down to the size!

This drone was originally priced at $75, and is now on sale from Morrison Innovations for $28.  It has good reviews too...so tempting.  Here are some reviews below:

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