Quarterly BioHack Spoiler

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Price: $100/box

What is it: a box filled with food, snacks and tools that help the body be more efficient.  For this box, instead of one curator, curators are on a quarterly rotation. 

Best for: anyone who wants to explore biohacking

Theme Spoiler: SLEEP BETTER

"Sleep is vital to recovering from training hard, as well as waking up stronger. However, it can be incredibly harmful if you're doing it wrong. Dr. Kelly Starrett is a huge proponent of getting a complete 8 hours of sleep to ensure your body gets the rest it needs. This quarter he is including a couple of his favorite tools to help you get the best sleep possible for a new day. Keep scrolling down for a spoiler of what to expect in the next Biohack Box!


A dark room can be crucial to a good night's rest, but may not always be in your control. That's why Dr. Starrett is including this Sleep Master sleep mask. Sleep Master is an all-in-one sleep mask that combines light elimination and sound reduction, the conditions necessary for deep sleep. Sleep Master's comfortable fit and relaxing effect quickly induces an amazingly deep and refreshing sleep."

Value $21.95

The main difference between this eye mask and others appear to be the sound reduction.  This eye mask covers your ears as well as your eyes. My ears often hurt when it is pressed down for too long so I wonder if this is comfortable to ear for a lengthy period of time. 

With this spoiler out, it does not make me jump to buy the box.  What do you think of this spoiler?

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