BiziBubble October subscription Review

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BiziBubble is a time of the month subscription service.  When I first heard about subscriptions of this nature 2 years ago, I thought it was so smartest.   This is because there are very few things that everyone female before a certain age needs in life - other than food and shelter - this is it!  This is the one box you will not get "junk" or unwanted items (at least for the main items) - so perfect!

I hear a lot of complains about the "value" of these boxes i.e. you don't get what you paid for at retail price.  However, I generally see a lot of "value" in boxes that make me more comfortable during that time of the month.  Plus when I lived in NYC, it was extremely annoying to run around the corner to get the necessary supplies because each box is never that small and if I have to carry all my purchases home, it simply was not convenient.  However, now that I moved to the land of car culture, it doesn't bother me much.  It is interesting to find out if the time of the month subscriptions retain more customers in certain geographic areas.

On to the review.  It is a $14.99/month subscription, shipping included.  A regular box of pads or tampons has an average cost range from $4.29 - $9.60 for a 18-24 count.  In this box, you get 25 feminine hygiene products across the major brands in any mix of your own. To start the subscription, you go online and specify how many of each item you want.  To get a mix in the store, generally you need to buy 2-3 different boxes at a total average price of $15-$20.  However, this store purchases may last more than 1 month.   So you decide, what is more valuable to you?

This comes in a nice reusable storage container. This is very nice to receive in the first box.  I do have to question - if you keep subscribing to the service, do you get one every month?  If I keep my subscription for a year - what will I do with 12 of these?

Nice compartments to keep the items neat in the box, and very nice touch with the bow around the bundles.

A card describes the bonus item, or what I call the fun part of this subscription.  The bonus can range from chocolates, to beauty products and more. This month I received a KOPA HAIKU room spray. It is inspired by the scents Hawaii and made to transform any room to the islands of Hawaii.  Since the room spray is the one item that is new to me I immediately went for it to take a closer look.

and lets not forget about the main goodies.

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