Tim Ferris $5000 ultimate box is now available for order!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Today I received notification from Quarterly that the most expensive subscription box known to date - at $5000, is now available. Before, they had a pre-RSVP page where you can put down your name and they will notify you once it is available for order.  The box is limited to the first 1000 subscribers.  I discussed the possibilities of what can be on this mega box previously here.

Are you going to get one? The box will be shipped before December 12th, 2014 once ordered.

Tim Ferris's regular Quarterly box is priced at $100 - and in the Mega Box they promise that this is 50X the fun (it needs to be, since it is 50X the price).  Among some industry insiders, it is rumored to include some VIP, one of a kind experience with a someone special. 

Check out some of Tim's old boxes - and with Tim you always know you are going to get the latest trend in everything - such as the cricket protein bars in his June 2014 package

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