POPSUGAR Must Have October 2014 Review

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My POPSUGAR MUST HAVE October box came late - at the last week of October versus the beginning or middle of the month.  By this time I already know all the items of the box from spoilers on the internet.  Regardless, I was excited to get it because I had stop "anticipating" it, and it was a surprise.

POPSUGAR MUST HAVE is a lifestyle subscription box at $39.99/month including shipping.

Now time to dig in after reading the card of what October box include (the card is above the tissue paper that covers the box when you first open the box).  

I am always amazed how the items stay in place in these POPSUGAR boxes.  Do they also pick items base on size and how it fits inside the box? 

I am so glad that my Dean & Deluca Pumpkin Spice Maltballs came in tack versus completely melted like some other subscribers. See melted ones here from another subscribers.  I wonder if you call POPSUGAR and mention the melting issue that they would do anything to fix the situation.  

Can't have too many pairs of socks! I always love socks with cute patterns on them.  There is nothing like wearing a pair of socks at home during the fall to cozy up to.  I can see myself putting these on when I cuddle to a good book already.  (Now...if I only have a fire place).

I don't generally use soap - I am more of a body wash type of person.  I did hear really great things about this soap.  This will probably live in my hostess present box until the next time I attend a party.

I love love love love love this candle!!!!! They smell so good and being able to change the message is so fun! My chalk broke in 2 pieces, however, nothing I can't live with.

Items like this "Nailed Kit" is the reason why when the box come so late in the month it is disappointing.  I only have a few days to try them all out before Halloween is over and I have to stash these away somewhere before next year.  Chances are, by next year, I would have long forgotten about about them, which means these will never see the light of day. 

I love how versatile the ISAAC JACOBS photo frame is.  These clear frame can adopt to any environment.  It is one size fit all. Love it! 

Finally, these cards or flyers with coupon codes on them.  I generally find them useless and throw them away.   

My box was missing the butter LONDON WINK Eye Pencil.  I am going to call Popsugar customer service and see what they say. I will update when I find out. 

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