Target Subscription Service

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Target is expanding its subscription service for household products, it was previously aimed at new moms for baby goods such as diapers.  Now, it includes household goods we all need, such as razors (Dollar Shave Club), female products (Hello Flo, Le Parcel, BiziBubble, Bonjour Jolie etc) among other essentials.

All subscription will receive 5% off, and if the Target card is used shoppers will receive an additional 5% off.

I think this will be a challenge for Amazon, but also smaller subscription services including the ones mentioned above.   For the smaller companies on subscription models, it may come down to all the "bonuses" that comes in the box in addition to the main necessities in the box.   The saving and the convenience Target is providing will be hard to beat.

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