Zenamins - a new type of Vitamin Subscription

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zenamins is not your typical monthly box subscription (not one, or few size(s) fit all), instead, it packages your customized daily vitamins needs and it is shipped once a month.   Here is how it works:

You go in and pick your selection by: 1. Multivitamin; 2. Oils; 3. Specific Vitamins i.e. B-complex; 4. Minerals; and 5. Supplements.

3 pills a day will cost around $30, and $5 for each addition vitamin thereafter (which, depends on where you shop for your vitamins, is cheaper than getting it retail at GNC).  After completing your selection, it shows what you are getting and how much.

Finally, it comes packaged neatly in daily doses that you can easily ripe apart and take with you without ever having to spilt your weekly dosage in those pill containers.

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