FREE Julep Jingle Bell or Fall Fashion Neutral box

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Julep is offering a holiday special for FREE with only $2.99 shipping.  The box will include 3 holiday nail colors and one makeup item.  This is one of the best offers for new subscribers I have seen. Previously, when they offered free boxes, it only included 2 nail polishes and one makeup or skin care item or 3 nail polishes.  Plus previously, shipping was $4.99. Get your free holiday box here.

Alternatively, if you rather have neutral fall colors and a lip gloss, you also have the option to pick the fall FREE intro box special as pictured below. Get it here.

Unfortunately, you can only pick one of the two, not both. Which one will you pick?

Julep is a monthly nail polish subscription for $24.99/month + tax $2.37 = $27.36. You can EARN one skip month after 6 months or cancel at any time. 

See my past Julep subscription review here

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