The subscription I want most right now - Kevin Rose Holiday Box

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Currently, I really want the Kevin Rose Holiday Box.  However, at $100, plus it being his first box, I am a little scared to purchase it.  Kevin Rose is a partner at Google Ventures and a broad member at the Tony Hawk Foundation.  Previously he founded Digg, a news aggregator with a spin on viral issues.  (Digg also has a quarterly box - there is a wait-list for the Digg box right now), among other technology companies.

Back to the box.  Someone in Kevin Rose's position must see a lot of interesting concepts and products being build before they are known to the public, and I suspect his box will reflect the same. It is almost like the first to order an item on kickstarter before the company hits it big, or the first to get your hands on the iPhone 6 Plus before its public release.

Plus, with Digg's first box - which included items such as the handcuff key by TINK - who comes across stuff like that? I am very amused by think handcuff key - check out the company's site here.  While I do not know when I would use it -and in reality hopefully never, it is simply amusing what people are inventing.

I also really like the ringtool by REDUCTIVIST ($28).  I have seen something similar at outdoor stores, but nothing quite like the this ringtool.  I do need to test this one out to make sure it doesn't scratch things if I put it in a purse.

Would you spend the money on the Kevin Rose holiday box? I sometime hate it when they put boxes at at $100, because at $50, it is expensive enough but so much easier to bit the bullet, however at $100...

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