Riot Read Monthly v. Quarterly

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Riot Read has a monthly subscription that sends you one book a month for $25 and a quarterly subscription that sends you multiple books once a quarter for $50.  The books do not repeat so you can actually subscribe to both if you want.

The monthly sends one book a month, and it generally includes a note from Riot Read why the book is picked for the month plus a brief synopsis of the book.   In the past they have included the following:

The Quarterly subscription contains at least one book and bookish stuff, however, for the last two subscriptions, the box contained three books.  I also really love the "bookish stuff" such as letters and notes from the author throughout the book. Check out some of the past boxes below:

I think the quarterly for $50 is the better value plus the author's notes make reading the book even more fun.  I sure hope they will keep up with 3 books a box to provide subscribers a book a month.
Which subscription would you pick? 

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