Update - Missing Item in Popsugar Box

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I had one missing item in my last month's POPSUGAR MUST HAVE, see my post on their customer service here.  Contacting them was easy, I didn't even have to call. I wrote them an email about my problem and they responded fairly quickly - 3 days:
Day 1: a note telling me they received my email
Day 2: an email letting me know they might take longer to get back to me than normal, and
Day 3: a note from them telling me my missing item is on its way.

The whole process only took 3 days.  I am very happy with POPSUGAR's customer service! The only thing better is if they send me an entire box for free! (okay - that would be way above and beyond). Here is their response below:

To see the entire chain of communication see my previous post here when I first discover a missing.

I do wonder how long I had to contact them about the missing item.  I noticed it about 2-3 days after I first received and opened my box.  If I didn't notice later, I wonder if they would still have all the items in stock to send me a replacement.  Hopefully, this situation won't happen to me for me to find out.

Conclusion: POPSUGAR = Excellent customer service, but we are all subject to human error, so double check your box when it comes.

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