Book Lovers Subscription & Holiday Present

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I have been really into books lately - Barnes & Nobles is in trouble, they need to do a subscription box organized like their website i.e. fiction, life stories, bestsellers etc...

Until then, for the book lovers (like myself, I really love the actual pages of books and being able to read from paper, - don't worry there is also a selection for the e-readers as well later), here are the subscription options that I am aware of.  I am always looking for more, so if you are aware of others, please let me know. 

Riot Read Monthly by Quarterly:  a monthly subscription for $25/month, includes shipping, that sends you one book a month. 

Book Riot Quarterly: a quarterly subscription for $50/box, shipping included, that sends you books (sometimes the book will include author's notes and other insights) and books related items. 

Powell's IndieSpensable Subscription: a $39.95/box + 3.99 for shipping, for books, extras & special surprises, that ships once every 6 weeks. 

For the tech savvy and always mind changing and on the go individual - I borrowed the chart below from CNET:
  1. Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  2. Scribd:
  3. Oyster: 

Lets also not forget about your local public library.  Some libraries have a similar online service where you can download the e-books immediately, and it will be returned & checked in for you once the time frame is up.  Generally, this service is applicable on multiple devices, check your local library.  All I can say is - FREE + never have to worry about late fees = why do I need Amazon, Scribd or Oyster? 

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