Olfactif - the first perfume only subscription

Monday, December 8, 2014

Olfactif is a hard to find, high end perfume only subscription starting at $18/month.  Every month it also gives you a $18 credit to purchase the full size bottle if you like the samples you receive.   For longer subscriptions, the price goes down from $18 to $17/month for 3 months subscription, $16 for 6 months subscription and $15 for12 months subscription.

According to the website at the "first of the month, we reveal the featured theme, artists and fragrances. All month, we post behind-the-scene content while you immerse yourself in these scents.  Each spray vial contains 2.25mil of fragrance (that's more than 40 sprays per vial)."

With the $18/month credit, this subscription is basically free, because after 12 months, you are getting $216 of credit, which is approximately the cost of high end and unique perfumes.  Plus, the site seem to suggest that even if you pre-pay for the 12 months subscription at $15/month, which comes to $180/year, you still get $18/month credit.  This means you will be getting $36 free!  Unless you want to argue with me here for the time-value of money...then they are paying you $36 for the time-value.

This subscription is interesting to me because the popular commercialized perfumes are just that - and who wants to smell like the next person? We all want our own unique scent.

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