Popsugar Must Have February 2015 Review

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Box: Popsugar Must Have

Price: $39.95/month

What is it: a female lifestyle monthly subscription box curated by Lisa Sugar, founder of a lifestyle blog Popsugar that features celebrity news, shopping, beauty, fitness, entertainment, food, children, home and pets.

Best for: females ages 18-40.

This is one of my favorite subscriptions, I always can't wait to open my Popsugar Must Have!  I found it interesting that they use multiple shipping methods.  Sometimes it is left in my USPS mail box while other times it comes through FedEx. Regardless here is the review:

The infamous POPSUGAR Must Have box that it coms in.

The un-boxing experience:

The card detailing the inspiration for the month of February.

Details of the items included: this is an important piece of document to read because twice I had missing times.  Thus, don't forget to check your box to make sure you have all the items in your box.

First look at the items.

Tart Cosmetics Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush. Value $12.  I am running out of my blush and almost bought one this morning - this is perfect timing! I can't believe how lucky I got this time around.  I love the details in the press of the blush. 

This is the bonus item this month listed under "special extra".  Value $5.50.  I didn't expect this at first because I only looked at the picture of the card and didn't actually read it.  This was packed in the same bobble wrap with the blush, thus I was very pleasantly surprised to see this bonus item.

Baublebar Mini Arrow Pendant Necklace & 30% off coupon. Value $32.  I am obsessed with small necklaces these days for the layer necklaces look.  This will make a perfect addition.  

Figs & Rouge 100% Natural Lip Balm. Value $8.  Haven't hard of this brand before, and I think everyone gets different 'flavors' for the lip balm. The one pictures was 'pomegranate' and I received 'lemon berry'.  What flavor did you get?

Chuao Chocolatier Ravishing Rocky Road Bar. Value $6.  When I looked at the initial picture I thought it was going to be coconut flavor, and I was about to throw it in a swap pile, but I actually stopped to read for once, and saw that it is 'rocky road'.  Now I am pretty excited to try this.

U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath. Value $30.  Once again, I can't believe how lucky I am getting this month - just 2 days ago I made myself a bath and couldn't find any bath salts or bubble bath to throw in my water (I usually have a lot around, but must have ran out), now I don't have to go out and buy any!

ACME Party Box Company  Bamboo Heard Cutting Board & Cheese Knife. Value $32.  This is my favorite item in the box. (The last item I opened because it was on the bottom of the box)  It is so cute, and who can't use more cheese plates? I am always eating and serving cheese when entertaining! I can't wait to use this to serve up some cheese & olives when I invite my guy over for a pre-valentine toast.

Finally, a card to get buy 1 get 1 free Sally Beauty FingerPaints Nail Color at Sally Beauty Supply. Value $5.50.  I don't really like cards that I actually have to make a purchase of before receiving the value - however, others who are going to buy nail polish anyways would find this valuable.

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