Trunk Club February Box Review

Monday, February 9, 2015

Box: Trunk Club

Price: Free, only pay for what you keep. You get 10 days to try on the cloth and decide. 

What is it: a personalized clothing service for men that mails designer clothing after a consultation with their stylist every month, currently run by Nordstrom.

Best for: The busy and fashionably forward gentleman

The arrival of the trunk

The initial un-boxing experience

Each box comes with a packet detail the items in the box, which will generally include: packing list & return instructions, pre-paid return label and tape strip to seal the return. 

Detail of the items of clothing included and the cost of each item to keep

The personalized note of why the items were included by the stylist.

Now on to the items:

Happy socks, $12 to keep.  These are really cute under slacks, and also the latest in men's fashion.  This is a keeper for my guy. 

Alternative Apparel long sleeve shirt, $40 to keep. I love this shirt, this is the perfect shirt for relaxing and allow those sexy arm muscles to show through without looking like the guy is trying to show off his arms. 

JKT Blazar, $398 to keep.  This is the blazer that the stylist chose all other pieces after.  I am not sure how I feel about this blazer, but I may ask my man to keep it to wear to to polo.  It is light weight and summery. 

Grant Rugger plaid shirt, $135 to keep.  While this shirt is soft, he has too many plaid shirts already, this one is going back.

J.Press pants, $88 to keep.  We are debating on this one - the man can't decide. 

Bespoken shirt, $175 to keep.  I really like this shirt, i want a female version of this shirt for myself. 

J.Press Belt, $89 to keep.  I like this belt a lot, however, this is one belt I felt that we can find it somewhere else cheaper, thus I am request him to send it back. 

ADL socks, $14 to keep. The pattern on this sock is a little plain for me. This one is going back. 

Jeremy Argyle sweater, $158 to keep. 

J.Press shirt, $88 to keep.  He wants it, so he is keeping this one.

DL1961 white jeans, $168 to keep.  Not sure how I feel about this pair of jeans, I hardly ever see guys in white jeans other than on models - I guess I will just have to wait and see if he keeps this one. 

What do you think of this curation? 

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