T-Post: Country & City Mice and Free T-Post subscription

Friday, May 8, 2015


What is it: the world's only wearable magazine - in another word, an entire month of magazine published on a t-shirt.  A cool t-shirt on the outside, with the monthly print on the inside the t-shirt.  Comes in both male and female sizes.

Price: 33 Euro includes shipping.  The amount will be charged in Euro, thus the price may change from month to month depending on the exchange rate.  Your credit card may also change a foreign fee.

Best for: those who want something different, and a cool new t-shirt to wear every month.

Try it for a month FREE, only 1 Euro for shipping, by going on their website directly. Do note that shipping can take up to 20 days. 

They also post their latest issues on line (generally a month after their subscribers receive the subscriptions).  Their latest issue Country & City Mice is about living in a big city and the suburbs.  Here is a taster of the issue:

to read more go here.

The shirts comes packaged like a magazine that you open, but here, you get to look at the shirt first, then flip it inside out to read the magazine.

This is one of my favorite and unique subscriptions.  I do wish that the shipping was more consistent and they had better customer service.  If they can improve on those two things, they have a real winner here.

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