Bespoke July Selection

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstroms.

There are three new boxes for the month of July.  With the Bespoke subscription, at the beginning of each month, you get to pick which box you want.  They will generally pick one for you, and you can either switch to another box or opt out for the month before the 5th of every month.  There are generally 2-4 different boxes to pick from. 

This month, there are three new selections: 
My default selection was CARRY, but I decided to go with the CHEERS Selection. 

In the CARRY selection you will receive 3 items:
1. Line of Trade leather wallet (a choice of 3 colors), value$40;
2. Fisher Raw Brass Bullet Space pen, value $23 (on sale on Amazon for $17); and
3. Gerber Shard Tool, value $7.

The item I like the most is the Gerber Shard Tool although it is only $7. It has 7 functions and airplane safe.  You can use it for the following purposes:

This box has the combined value of $70. 

CHEERS is the option I decided to opt for.  Mainly because this is going to make a perfect present for someone I know this month. 

The CHEERS box includes: 
1. Rastal Beer Glasses, value $25;
2. Graf and Lantz Felt Coasters, value $20;
3. Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer, value $9
4. The Gilded Nut Snack Pistachio, value $5
5. 33 Books Tasting Journal, value $5

6. Finback Brewery Hop Tasting Kit. I can't find a value of this item online, as I suspect this was made specially for Bespoke Post. 

I find the bottle opener & resealer particular interesting because while I have tucked unfinished bottles of beer back in the fridge, I have never tried to reseal it. It would be great if I can.  I will need to go to the person's house I am giving this to and test out the resealing function. 

This has a total of $80 value (if you give the tasting kit about $20 value). 

The third choice is Bask

Bask comes with three items:
1. Go-Throw Linen Blanket, value $80; 
2. Theory 11 Playing cards, value $10; and 
3. Neutrogena Sports Sunscreen, value $9. 

This one has the a retail value of $99, much higher than the other two, however it is the one I am least likely to get.  Then again, I don't ever go and have picnics - but great for summer outdoor movies and concerts.  

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