Fresh Patch Subscription

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Box: Fresh Patch

What is it: diapers for your dog - or really a fresh patch of grass for your dog, with new fresh patches delivered as frequent as once a week

Costs: $29 and up, depending on the size of grass you order. Shipping included.

Best for: Busy city living individuals who don't have time to walk your dog everyday.

This is a different kind of subscription for your pets.  Instead of the usual treat or toy, this is some closer to getting monthly diaper delivery for a baby.  The company will deliver to your door fresh patches of grass for your pets to do its business as frequent as once a week.  There are different sizes for different size pets.

My dog is one of those that refuse to go outside in rain, and it would often go on the balcony in the cold winter months or the spring raining season.  He would love this product - not to mention since it is grass, it decompose the natural waste and eliminates the smell.  The smell is a big deal because when he did go on the balcony I had to wash that balcony almost everyday. 

What do you think of this product?

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