Box of Style Item Reivew

Monday, July 27, 2015

Price: $100 - shipped every quarter. 

What is it: curated fashion items by Rachel Zoe that promises a retail value of $300. 

Best for: stylish ladies, especially those that love Rachel Zoe's fashion sense. 

I was excited to see the spoiler of this the Cross-body bag by the Cambridge Satchel Company, value $150, in Rachel Zoe's summer Box of Style.  The real question is - is this a practical bag?  My definition of a practical bag = just the right size to fit all my essentials without it being too big or heavy.  Too see other items in her summer box of style, go to my review of the box here

This looked like a 'decent size' so I gave it a test run. 

The first attempt = sunglasses (a must in the summer), waller, lip gloss, cell phone and yes - my computer charger.  It fits - a little snug.  Items in layers, and to get to my wallet, I must remove my sunglasses case every time, which does get annoying.

I switched my fatty wallet to a slimmer version to see what else i can get in there.  Now I  still have my sunglasses, phone with lip gloss,, with added hand lotion, tissue, mint, hand sanitizer and a pouch to fit all the toiletries in.  The problem with this configuration = no water.

To get the water in there, I had to go with sunglasses, wallet, phone and lip gloss.  In short, I think this wallet is just a little to small to fit all "my" essentials, but it maybe big enough for those that don't like to carry all the stuff I do. 

Also, this is white, I already got a few "dirt" on this - I haven't tried cleaning it.   Though overall I do like this bag while it is a big too small for me.  

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