Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spoiler

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Price: $100 - it is not clear right now how often the subscription box will ship, but it appears to be 4 times a year to match each season. 

What is it: curated fashion items by Rachel Zoe that promises a retail value of $300. 

Best for: stylish ladies, especially those that love Rachel Zoe's fashion sense. 

I really loved my first box and was able to use every item in the box except one.  The one item I didn't use and I traded with other subscription box subscribers was the nail polish (I could have used it, the colors were neutral but I have too many nail polishes).  

Here is a video of Rachel un-boxing her second BOX OF STYLE. 

What do you think of this box? I can't want to receive mine and see what the products look like in person.

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