Better Half Box 33% off

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Better Half Box is now 33% off on Living Social.

Box: Better Half Box

Cost: 39.99/month

What is it: a monthly theme based subscription with one for both of the better half.  The idea here is that you can pick the box for yourself this month or pick a gift for your better half instead.  I am not sure if you can switch between the boxes on the monthly basis, but it would be great if you can.

Best for: People in relationship? Or people not in a relationship because YOU are the better half...and not your non-existing half.

I am not sure I like this box yet, their website looks "cheesy" - though I haven't seen the products in their box and it could be amazing.  Their theme for gals = island advanture, and for guys = chillin' & grillin' for their last box.

The current offer on Living Social:

$39.99 $26.99 for a one-month subscription to either a Gal's Box or a Guy's Box (33% off)

If you go in Living Social, you may get an additional discount with their BUY NOW feature. When I went on it, they offered me the box for $23.99 if I would make my decision in 60 second.

What do you think of this box and this?

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