August Bespoke Post Selection

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Cost: $45/month, shipping is included

What is it: monthly themed lifestyle box for men

Best for: gentleman who enjoys craft cocktails, wears polished shoes and likes to shop at Nordstroms.

It is that time of the month - SELECTION TIME.  I love how bespoke post lets you have 1-4, and sometimes 5 boxes to choice from each month.  These are the following boxes for August:

The box includes: 
Sempli Decanter, $65
Sempli Infusing Rode, included in the decanter price
Whole Spice Apricot Infusing Spice, $5

Total value: $70


Bitterman Salt Co Himalayan Salt Block, 8" x 8" x 1.5", $35
Mark Bitterman Salt Block Cooking, $25
Bitterman Salt Co Fleur de Sel, $14

Total value: $74 


MP Custom Made Handmade Cedar Box, 15.4" W x5.5" D x3.5" H (can't find value for this)
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Herb Kit (6 packs), $24
Mountain Valley Seed Co. Soil, $10
Norpro Herb Scissors, $13
Mountain Valley Seed Co Drip Tray (can't find value here)

Estimate total value: $75


Line of Trade Slim Canvas Briefcase 16" x 11.5" x 2" (can't find the value for this, but probably $60+)
Bespoke Post Set of 4 Correspondence Cards with A6 Envelopes, $15. 

Estimated Value: $75+

This month's selection seem to be floating around the $75 range for all the boxes.  I am not sure if I will select a box this month but if I do, I am leaning towards the SEARED box. 

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