Happy Mail Customer Service Review

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Box: Happy Mail

Cost: $20/month goes down to $15/month with a 12 month commitment

What is it: Monthly subscription of cards, postcards, notepads and other old fashion snail related items with a retail value of around $50.

Best for: Anyone with lots of friends with no time to find that last minute birthday, thank you and anything card.  This will make you look like you put a lot of thoughts into your cards!

After subscripting to them for 4 months, this is my first time contacting them.  I recently moved thus I put in my updated address.  However, while I did that, it was a day before I received the email notifying me my shipment is coming my way, as such I guess they didn't put in the latest information.  Instead, they took my old address.  As a a result - no package from them.  So I contact them: 

on August 25th, at 1:50pm PST I sent them an email via there website - since I couldn't find any other way to contact them.  I received an automated responses ASAP:
So far so good, and the next day at 6:08am PST, I received an email response: 
It is good that I received a timely response, however as you can see the problems are 
(1) I need to wait for them to get a return from post office; and
(2) They tell me I need to change my address.

First issue: 

The problem is, the post office claim they started a return on August 18th, and it is already August 25th - do they still not have it? Assuming they don't have it, they have proof that I didn't receive it, why can't they send me a new one right now?  Normally, if this is a small company, where they don't print any extras, then yes, I will wait.  However, Happy Mail does not hold themselves out to be such because (a) they recently held and sold classes online on how to build a multiple million dollar business from a blog and (b) they are holding a sale of excess inventory.  This shows me that they do print out extras and not only print to the number of ordered customers.  Plus, if you are a multi-million dollar company - why are you making me wait? 

Second Issue:

I already changed my address, and I did it one day before I received an email said you shipped me my subscription (I am doing an annual subscriptions), why didn't you reflect that?  

Overall, I am very displeased with Happy Mail/A Beautiful Mess (the company's name) customer service.  After my one year commitment is done, I am for sure not going to order from them again.  If I can cancel my subscription now, I would.  

Updated 10/9/2015: For an update of what happened after this, please go to the updated post here

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