Happy Mail Customer Service Update - for a missed shipment

Friday, October 9, 2015

Box: Happy Mail

Cost: $20/month goes down to $15/month with a 12 month commitment

What is it: Monthly subscription of cards, postcards, notepads and other old fashion snail related items with a retail value of around $50.

Best for: Anyone with lots of friends with no time to find that last minute birthday, thank you and anything card.  This will make you look like you put a lot of thoughts into your cards!

I have been contacting Happy Mail because I didn't receive my August subscription, see the complete detail of what happened here. In summary, I didn't receive the subscription because I did an address change and they didn't reflect it in the August shipment, I contacted them and they informed me that I had to wait till they receive the returned shipment before shipping me a new one.  So I waited, then 2 weeks later after, I contacted them again to inquire.  From the tracking the shipment is somewhere in Ohio and hasn't moved for awhile.  

They gave me the same reply as before: 

"I see that this is currently being shipped back to us.  Once this has been returned to us we will contact you letting you know and then have this reshipped"

This was frustrating because they know I didn't receive my shipment, and they are putting the blame on me to wait until they received it back before forwarding it to me, versus taking the responsibility and mail me a new one. 

At this point, frustrated, I told them I was going to call my credit card and do a charge back unless they mail me a new one. Still they told me the same as above. 

Thus I called my credit card company, gave them the info of when and how many times I contacted Happy Mail, and what happened.  They credited me and contacted Happy Mail.

Finally on 9/29, Happy Mail wrote me and said:

"Hello, I hope your day is going well! I wanted to reach out to you, we have been notified of a dispute with your card company regarding order 131099.  You have been refunded in full for this order, and we are going to send you a replacement August Happy Mail as an apology.  Thank you so much for your continued patience and valued business.  Please let us know if you have questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help. Kaitlin."

Great! Now I get the refund and the August Happy Mail - but the real question is - why did you ignore me until I called my credit card company? And why did you only respond after they contacted you? Even after I specifically said, can you mail me a new one or I will have to do a charge back. 

While it all worked out for me at the end, I am questionable of their customer service policy.  Now they will did the refund, will probably have to pay for the charge back fees, which can range from $25-$100, and send me the August Subscription.  It would have been a lot easier if they just said in the beginning - "okay, here is a replacement."   I get the feeling that they think I will just quietly go away. Again, at the end of my year commitment, I will no longer subscribe to them.    

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