Barkbox Toy Review - The Dognald

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Box: BarkBox

What is it: a pet subscription box customized on the size of the pooch

Price: $29/month includes shipping in the US, $5 shipping to Canada.

Best for: dog lovers that loves to spoil their babies

Barkbox just came out with my favorite toy of all time.  This one is just too good (and I would have to say, everyone can enjoy this toy and give different interpretations for your dog play) - introducing the DOGNALD.   With the same hair as our favorite childhood troll... I am not sure I need to say more...

They even have them in two sizes to fit your dog's needs. 

And the pup loves him! 

You can get your very own Dognald directly from BarkShop for $16.  Free shipping with orders over $35 (might as well order two...darn only $32...or hey, lets just make that 3). 

What do you think of this toy? 

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