Trunk Club Review - Shoes

Thursday, September 17, 2015

BoxTrunk Club

Price: Free, only pay for what you keep. You get 10 days to try on the cloth and decide. 

What is it: a personalized clothing service originally for men (not for women too) that mails designer clothing after a consultation with their stylist every month, currently run by Nordstrom.  This review is for the male subscription. 

Best for: The busy and fashionably forward gentleman
It is always exciting to see Trunk Club because it comes in a BIG box (to fit shoes etc), not to mention the nice items inside.

I love the compass detail when first opening the box. 

And then the first peak.

The grey package details everything that is in your trunk club for the month.  Plus the shipping label for all the stuff you don't want to keep. 

Even tap is included to make it easy for the subscribers.  In this review, I will be reviewing only the shoes that came in the box - why? because I love shoes. 

First pair, the Walk-Over Shoes' Ziba Classic Vamp Harness Oxford.  $275 to keep. 

Nice brown shoes, but recently bought too many pairs of shoes from Trunk Club, thus will probably skip this. 

Second pair, Vintage brown shoes - not listed on my list of items - instead I had two pairs of Walk-Over shoes - they made a mistake.

Nice shoes, but since I don't know how much it is, not meant to be.

I do love the details on the bottom. 

Third pair of shoes = Seavees Hermosa Plimsoll Core Vintage Wash Linen in Grey - $78 to keep.

Grey - I like this shoe color - and so does he - this may be the one winner for shoes in this box.

And of course - have to check out the bottom. 

These are the other items in the box - will review this in a future post - I usually look at the shoes first then to the other items.

thus review - to be continued. 

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